Our World. My Story. This client has HUGE ambitions. The company is based in Israel, and wants to connect all peoples around one central theme: sharing their life story --- via words, music, sound and  photographic images and videos. They turned to BIZPLANWRITER.NET to connect global dots, and to solve the central challenge: how to monetize the venture.


We agree. In today's highly competitive marketplaces it is mandatory that companies and organizations provide value added services and products to achieve their goals. Make your business the one consumers "go to" without reservation. Make your organization achieve

its goals. We'll show you how.

KOOL FACTOR aims to leverage and capitalize on the establishment of Atlanta, Georgia as "Hollywood South." The City of Atlanta and The State of Georgia are providing uber-pro business incentives to make Atlanta THE New "Go To" for film and television production. As a result KOOL FACTOR aims to serve as the on the ground digital ear and eyes to satisfy America's ever-hungry audience for entertainment news. Kool Factor is bound to become a resource to get the news first ... on demand ... and brand a weekly wrap-up that focuses on the attitudes and opinions of milenials.

PLAN DO is an online social media venture based in China. The company aims to fill the void in connecting people for social and activity engagements, versus having a focus on romantic "match matking" or basic postings. The founders recognize a wealth of marketplace opportunities in connecting people who have shared interests – and a desire to meet others based on their interests in a wide scope of passions: sports … arts … hobbies … more. They turned to BIZ PLAN WRITER to develop their marketing model, respective of the differences In cultural norms..

PROJECT FRESHENS turned to BIZPLANWRITER to develop a unique a business development initiative. And  we did just that! We researched and strategized a New Business Development Plan to empower the corporation to pre-screen, train and support future licensees for the new and next generation of FRESHENS license holders. All in sync with the corporations overaching plan for grwoth and sustainabilty.Our answer was to target the “best and brightest” business, health sciences and technology student majors in their junior and senior college years. And from their, enroll them in an internship program developed to fast-track them into management opportunities and franchise entrepreneurrship within four years after college graduation.