Our Strategic Marketing Plans go the deep dive! We will unearth all the data you need to support your strategy to compete - successfully. Then, we'll go further and substantiate sales and revenue targets - all based on the facts and stats. AND provide recommendations on how findings can improve your Business Model, Marketing Model, and revenue forecasts.

We identified strategic "ways in" for our SWIPE client to compete in the billion dollar health and beauty aids category. We assessed competitors ... identified core retail channels ... created innovative low-cost ways to gain brand awareness ... and ways to gain highly targeted distribution for the brand.

The BIZPLANWRITER team includes highly experienced experts in the field of Retail Shopper Marketing. All have a portfolio of experience working on Global Fortune 100 brands. We welcome your inquiry to discuss these specialized services.

I-STANDLE, a Houston, Texas based start-up came to BIZPLANWRITER to develop a comprehensive Business Plan and Strategic Marketing Plan. The final plan included research on the industry and computer accesories category ... industry growth projections to 2019 ... development of their Business Model ... and an implementation plan to achieve retail distribution. In addition, we developed a strategy to achieve sales via manufacturers reps and trade show participation.

We assess key competitors and develop charts to demonstrate how you stack up.

We provide you with objective, at-a-glance assessments of competitors - so you know your strengths --- and your weaknesses.

We utilize marketing research data to make sales and revenue projections that are realistic to achieve.

We prepare custom "mappings" to identify every obstacle and barrier to gain customers and clients that are members of your target market. .

We source vital industry data to project and substantiate marketplace potential.

We exploit every opportunity to position and substantiate your business in a positive light versus competitors - and point out where there are shortcomings.

We identify key, actionable strategies to launch your business ... grow your business .. overcome competition ... increase distribution ... and achieve sustainable success!

You can work with us to focus solely on a Strategic Marketing Plan - or to incorporate it as a key component of your overarching Business Plan.

ZIPONGO turned to us to provide them with key insights on how we eat what we eat and why. The insights and findings that we provided are at work as you read, serving as a key cornerstone to assist in their innovative target marketing effort to provide their software to targeted employers so their employees achieve their aspirational weight levels and make smart food choices at work and at home. As a result, ZIPONGO is now marketing its SaAS (software as service) mobile application to major corporations and insurers so that employees become healthier, and weight-related health issues with their resulting increases in health care costs are reduced.

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