When it comes to patent applications, small businesses are ahead of the pack. Of “high patenting firms” (those who have applied for 15+ patents within four years), small businesses produced 16 times more patents per employees than larger companies.

Small businesses can often do so because they are more nimble and work more efficiently with their resources and capacity, and do not experience the obstacles and barriers that are empossed within the politics and structures of larger business operations.

That’s why it is important that every small business has access to the right tools and expertise required for sustainable success!

So why do Small Businesses Fail?

Here are the Top Ten Reasons Why ...

America is Home Sweet Home for Small Businesses!


This is why it is so important that small businesses and entrepreneurs work with us to develop a Business Plan for sustainable success. We’ll advise you on additional key areas: Inventory Management, Growth and Business Development, Implementation Plans, Competitive Strategies and more.

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