Having a Business Plan Can Make

a BIG Difference!

If you think you don't need a Business Plan - Think again. Based on a study by Palo Alto Software, data from the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council, Rynholt Wealth Planning and our own data at BizPlanWriter.net --- people who completed a business plan are twice as likely to secure capital AND see their business grow!

Your Business Plan is more than numbers and financials - it's a map for success.

At Bizplanwriter.net we specialize in creating strategic business plans developed to brand and position your business for sustainable success!

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Yes, starting, launching, building and growing a business takes hard work and dedication. If it were easy - everybody would do it. Entrepreneurs deal with a myriad of issues. Just take a look at the survival facts and stats above for those who make it to see ten candles on their business birthday cake.

Work with us to develop a plan that keeps you celebrating year after year!

How many birthdays will your business celebrate?

Small Businesses in America. They're no longer just Mom and Pop shops.

Ownership of America’s small businesses is changing. Once upon a business time they were all singularly viewed as family-owned “Mom and Pop” shops and corner stores. Today they span to include every type and business structure from franchises to the next Starbucks to the next social media “it” conglomerate.

Remember – Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in his dorm room.  And Bill Gates started MicroSoft in his Mom and Pop’s garage. Let that be inspiration.