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Writing a business plan for an SBA or Bank loan requires an expert level of understanding of their requirements and mandatory content. We make sure your Business Plan complies. We write it objectively, thoroughly and include ALL components that the SBA and banks require. That way you avoid having your Business Plan rejected due to a lack of required and mandatory content.

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SBA and Bank Compliant Business Plans


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 "I am thankful for all of those who said “no” to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself."   

Customizable Presentation Templates

Have our design team develop customizable PowerPoint and Word doc templates so you have them at-the-ready for internal and client-focused meetings and presentations.

Competitive Analysis Report

Who is hot on your heels?

What company is the one to beat? How do you make sure your marketplace position is secure? These are the types of questions that demand answers. We get them for businesses of every size, in every stage and in every phase of development.

New Business Development Strategy

If you keep doing things the same way - how can you expect to improve results and reap greater rewards? It takes an outside objective review to reignite and discover strategic "ways in" to gain new business AND  shield your business from competitive threats,, increase profits and achieve growth.Put our expertise to work to retarget, re-strategize and chart a course for new business development.

Client Presentations

We make presentations that are on-point and on-strategy. We develop presentations designed to set you apart from your competitors. Questions are answered. We highlight what you bring to the table like nobody else. And we custom design your presentation to resonnates with your audience and reviewers.

We work to help you win.


Request for Proposals (RFPs)

We develop RFPs that weed through requirements to "unearth" strategic ways-in to make your RFP stand-out from the stack of others on the desks of those who review your proposal. We give your RFP a look, words and tone so that it gets the attention your business deserves.

Strategic Marketing Plan

Running a business by the seat of your pants is one of the biggest mistakes made by start-ups and entrepreneurs. The idea of "if we build it - they will come" only happens in the movies. Having a solid marketing strategy is mandatory in today's fiercely competitive business environment. The lack of having one is what oftentimes leads many ventures to a premature death.

NGO, Non-Profit Grants

& Proposals

In   today's world, the differences between writing a business plan versus applying for a grant and submitting a proposal are becoming more and more similar. NGO and Non-profit organizations must demonstrate financial accountability and marketing practices so that funding sources see that the organization will be sustainable.

Your Strategic Marketing Plan is quite different from your Business Plan. It is an extremely important and essential internal document that you use to execute your Marketing Strategy. We work closely with you to develop a budget-based plan that incorporates media expenditures, timing, revenue targets, and more. And all exclusively customized for your business, industry and marketplace category. 

Business Plans

Writing a business plan is one of the most important things that any entrepreneur, start-up, existing business, and even non-profit organizations can and should do. Writing your business plan makes you focus on your vision ... your goals, and most importantly how to get there. A business plan is a critical tool that you need. Even if you are not seeking funding. And essential to have if you are approaching banks, investors and in some cases - even to apply for a commercial lease.

Our Scope of Client Services

We specialize in a wide scope of business writing needs to assist our clients. Our "flagship" service is Business Plan writing. This expertise enables us to provide strategic thought and guidance to additional business, strategic marketing, organizational, new business development, and marketing communications needs as described below.